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Swissflex Slatted Bases

The Swiss brand SWISSFLEX is the market leader in slatted bed bases. The new bridge technology is simply revolutionary!

The Swissflex slat system adapts perfectly and completely automatically to the human body, regardless of stature and weight. The floating lying surface provides effective relief in problem areas such as the shoulders, while at the same time supporting the body in the right places over the entire surface.

This is made possible by increased interaction between the traditional sleep support zones - head, shoulder, pelvis and legs. This interaction ensures perfect adaptation and adjustment to the human anatomy.


- Interactive suspension comfort
- Tailor-made relief
- Unlimited flexibility
- Flexibility over the entire width of the bed
- Cantilevered lying surface
- Built-in or free-standing


New! Our new mattresses with Geltex inside automatically adjust to every type of body, regardless of stature and weight. This revolutionary material combines, for the first time, extremely elastic gel with a highly breathable foam. Mattresses with Geltex inside are, therefore, the ideal base for a relaxing and healthy night’s sleep.

- Comfortable support
- Perfect pressure relief
- Exceptional breathability
- Ergonomic layering
- Tailor-made comfort
- 7 comfort zones
- Includes ventilation

- Uni 12 bridge
- Uni 14 bridge
- Uni 22 bridge
- Uni 20

- Versa 20 GELTEX inside
- Versa 22 GELTEX inside
- Versa 24 GELTEX inside
- Versa 24 Natural Latex inside

- Care & Clean anti-allergic
- Washable at 60°C
- Merino natural pure and soft merino wool

- SF Support with Geltex inside 10 or 13 cm high
- SF 10 with latex or Gomtex core blue flat or high
- All with a removable cover washable at 40°C

SWISSFLEX also has an extensive collection of fine accessories, bed frames, headboards, design legs and... for everyone who expects design and materials to meet the highest standards.


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