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Kreamat has many years of experience in the development of mattresses, bed bases, boxed spring bases and pillows. Everything still developed around the human body.

And thus, Kreamat created the 'sleep ā la Carte' boxed spring which represents the most individual, natural sleeping posture. The 'Sleeping ā la Carte' boxed spring base is a unique bed system in which spring modules for the shoulder, loins and hip zone are positioned separate and independent from one another.

The Kreamat boxed spring base with more than 50 personal sleeping combinations to support the shoulder, loins and hip is a concept unique in its area. Everyone can now sleep ā la carte, according to his or her personal build, height, weight, gender, age.

Just like everyone have dressed themselves all these years according to their own size and height. Sleeping is however something everyone does in the same bed, irrespective of our build. Only in the Kreamat boxed spring base, the spring modules are adjustable according to personal build.

Is your taste classic or modern? Do you like cotton, alcatara or linen? Colourful or sober? A range of different fabrics offering a wide selection to design your Kreamat boxed spring base completely based on your own taste and style. This unique Kreamat boxed spring base offers a noticeable difference in combination with one of the specially developed Kreamat mattresses.

The Kreamat boxed spring base is obtainable from a non-adjustable design to the most luxurious electrically adjustable design including full options. The last few years, the medical scientific world has done more and more research into the best sleeping position. Especially since proper support during sleeping could prevent and improve back problems. That is why Custom8 NV, the Spin-off company of the K.U. Leuven, developed a unique optical measuring set in combination with their scientifically based expertise.

Thanks to many years of experience in the development of mattresses, bed bases, boxed springs and pillows, Kreamat is constantly at work with innovation. That is also why Kreamat was the first to develop a boxed spring base bed which is fully adjusted according to the sleeping posture of each individual.

Because every person walks, stands and sits differently, he needs a bed which is adjusted completely personally. Whatever adjustment may be necessary, Kreamat offers natural lying and sleeping comfort. Your spinal column is supported exactly there where needed. A (vital) luxury that the body easily gets addicted to.


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